Where God Has Ordained For You To Go, Everyone Is Not Invited

GOD has certain people in place to help you get through certain seasons in life. From that, some people might want to go farther with you… but they can’t, because GOD has not prepared them for what He has prepared you for. And He is very particular about what He does… how He does it… and who He uses to do it.

Whenever GOD is about to do something new in your life, whether it be receiving a new anointing, going to the next level of your destiny, or taking you into a season of success; GOD will lead you to a place where the crowd will not be able to go.

Don’t expect the crowd everywhere you go. Why? Because some people won’t be able to handle the blessings GOD is going to give you. Therefore, when GOD begins to work in your life… and you feel a bit of loneliness, more than you have in the past, it’s because GOD is taking you to a place where the crowd cannot follow. That’s His way of positioning you for what He is getting ready to do in your life. Proceed carefully.  Make wise choices about who you associate yourself with. If you move too quickly, people will give you the wrong advice… and it will mess you up!

xo- Shay Williams Smith

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