What’s Style is Ministry?


Style is Ministry­™ ­ is my own personal faith, trials, and triumphs but it is also about how your appearance can minister to people as well.

On this web portal I will touch on a broad of topics such as appropriate style for church, becoming a christian, how your church style can be your street style, and so many more.

Just think, don’t we get dressed up for a job interview to make sure we look the part before the person even speaks to us. Well, why isn’t that the case all the time?

Ministry is more then what we think it is. It’s in our walk, talk, and appearance. You can change someone’s life just by living right. No talking necessary.

 I remember the first time I went to church with my boyfriend, who is now my husband (Praise God), there was a woman who I instantly noticed. It wasn’t because she was wearing anything flashy or revealing, it was because of the way she was caring herself.  The way she took pride in what she was wearing. You could just tell that God was all over her from her head, all the way down to the shoes he lead her to wear that day. See she didn’t even know she was ministering to my spirit, which manifested into this.

See once you get a clear understanding of who God is and who you are to him, then you will understand that your Style is Ministry™!