Walking into Worship

What’s your worship attire?

We deceive ourselves when we breezily claim that God does not care what we wear to church. God cares about our hearts, and what we wear is often an expression of our hearts. So what does your relaxed worship attire say about you?

A bride would be insulted if we cared so little as to show up for her wedding in cut up jeans and sneakers. Instead, we “dress up” for her wedding to express our regard for her and the significance of the event. What, then, are we saying when we see no need to treat our worship with similar or even greater regard?

“Give unto the LORD the glory due his name,” “worship the LORD in the beauty of his holiness” (Psalm 29:2). The “holiness” of our public worship should influence how we dress for the occasion. There is nothing remotely “casual” about the worship taking place in heaven, where appropriate clothing seems to matter (Revelations 7:9–12). What internal disposition are we revealing when we dress no differently for church than we do for a trip to the mall or hanging out with friends around a grill? Could it be that our casual dress, chosen merely for our own comfort and convenience is a reflection of an equally casual, can’t-be-bothered attitude toward worship itself?

So again I ask, what does your relaxed worship attire say about you?


We are created differently…

I want to point out one important thing.

As you may already know, we are created differently and there are things we can’t change like our body type, facial features and the likes.

Although we won’t have much control of our genetics, we do have control over our appearance and this is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Thus, use this power to your advantage to please God.
Your Style is Ministry!
xo- Shay

Every Storm runs out of rain

I remember when I said, “why God, why this, and why that?” God told me to wait for His timing. God has delivered me in the past, but when you are going through bad times all you’re thinking about is right now. I’ve seen God use trials to build me up, answer different prayers, open doors, help others, and I’ve seen many miracles where I knew it was only God who could have done this. While I was worrying, the Lord gave me comfort, encouragement, motivation, and He was working behind the scenes. If as believers we’re burdened by when our friends or family members suffer, imagine how God feels. He reminds us time after time in His Word that He will never forsake us.

Church Style Tip Sunday

It use to be really hard to find unique clothing pieces for my church wardrobe but every since I found how boutiques have more diversity and individuality, I started shopping more with them.

When everyone is shopping at the mall, clothes start to become variations of the same thing. Suddenly, it’s easy to walk into church and spot someone wearing the same blouse as you. Style is supposed to be a way to express your individuality – don’t let your personality to be silenced by name brands or labels! Shopping local allows you to find clothing that are truly unique. Boutiques take the time to select items their customers may not discover anywhere else, so take advantage! You’re practically guaranteed to be safe from wearing a duplicate church dress, shirt, or skirt.

My favorite online boutique to shop for my church wardrobe is Social Butterfly Boutique www.mssocilabutterfly.com. Check them out! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

xo- Shay

March Madness Testimony

March Madness was exactly that for me in the month of March. Madness!
My faith was shaken, my marriage was tested, and my children were under attack. I dealt with people lies and betrayal against me. I tried to push through but it seemed like the more I tried to be positive, the harder things got until I just stopped. I quit life.
I mean I was in a zombie state of mind for weeks.
I just couldn’t seem to snap out of it.

It wasn’t till exactly Monday, March 27th when I read Luke 6:22
“Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.”
This spoke straight to my spirit…I realized I needed to get up and start fighting back. Not in the physical but in the spiritual.
I needed to start praying more then I was crying, start worshipping even when things are going bad.
So as March madness ends and April begins, I am taking back my life and family!
The devil mind tricks were just a delay.
This is my March madness testimony.
Be Blessed!
xo Shay


I go to a Baptist church, so every first Sunday the ladies wear white and the men wear black suits. Me being the person that i am… I get bored of looking the same, so I find ways every month to classy up my first Sunday style. This month I opted for this black and white striped dress from @socialbutterflyboutique (which I love😍) …
So if you are like me, don’t be afraid to spice up your first Sunday

Can I wear Leopard Print to church?

#ChurchStyleTipSunday: Can I wear Leopard Print to church? Me: Yes, we can! 😂

Leopard is one of the boldest animal prints a woman can wear to church. But that doesn’t mean you need to avoid it. You just need to tread carefully. Let’s take this leopard shirt I have on from @socialbutterflyboutique with this black pencil skirt.

I made it the focal point of my outfit by pearing it with black. It’s the perfect way to show off that statement piece (the shirt). Be sure that the rest of the outfit is kept rather simple, so the eyes aren’t overwhelmed.

Also, make sure your skirt isn’t extremely tight—leave that for your next hot date with the husband 😉.